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Welcome To Greenhouse Columbia City

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments In Seattle

Like the choicest terroir, climate, soil, location, structure and the ineffable (let's call it magic) commingle at GreenHouse Apartments to form a unique, forward-thinking apartment-living environment. The only missing ingredient? Just add you!

Our 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Seattle offer just the right blend of ingredients to create light-filled spaces that give your home personality and warmth. From the carpet and wooden flooring that anchor each interior to the extra-large windows that welcome the natural light and fresh air, our spacious units create the perfect environment for eco-friendly living. Nine-foot ceilings foster an open, airy feel, while ceiling fans create a low-energy cooling solution. Granite countertops add style to your home, and abundant kitchen storage gives you plenty of room to nest, whether you’re searching for 2- or 1-bedroom apartments in Seattle. Add on-site features such as a rooftop fire pit, a sundeck and a “greenhouse” that every resident can enjoy, and it’s clear that community spirit is alive and well at GreenHouse.

You'll find a perfect plot at GreenHouse Apartments, a place to grow, to play, to explore, to connect--to breathe, touch, taste, see, hear and feel the magic of something wholly inimitable, where life is simply better, the grass greener and the soil richer. And while the sun doesn't always shine, when it smiles it's brighter and warmer, or so it will seem!