7 Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

February 16, 2018

7 Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

We know you love your pet every day. But just like Valentine’s Day is the day for channeling that love into something special for your sweetie, so, too, is Love Your Pet Day the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond for your furry friend. At E&S Ring, we love our pets just as much as you do — and we have properties throughout California and Washington that welcome our furriest friends. Here are seven ideas that will make your pet kids wag their tails or purr just a little bit louder.

Go out for a meal together

More and more restaurants are allowing you to bring your dog and dine a deux on the patio—some places will even present your pooch a snack, too! You might just find a new favorite spot in California or Washington.

Switch up your walk

Walk a new way, says acclaimed dog trainer Victoria Stilwell from the TV series, It’s Me or the Dog. “Do you always walk your dog on the same route every day? Dogs love to smell and explore new places, so try walking along a different route, or maybe take your dog for a hike on a new trail.”

Captivate your kitty

Whether you have an attentive and affectionate kitty or one who can’t be bothered, you can still show him some extra love today. Love to bake and want to have better control over the ingredients in the treats you’re giving him? Try one of these kitty treat recipes! A new toy may be in order, but an extended pampering session for those who like being brushed or a good cuddle in front of the TV might be just what your kitty looking for.

Up the ante on dog treats

Have you ever treated your pooch to a gourmet dog treat? We’re not talking about the pretty bag in the dog aisle of the super market. These doggie donuts look like the real thing, but before you go in for a nibble, check out the ingredients: spelt flour, toasted carob powder, applesauce, eggs, molasses, and canola oil. Actually, that sounds pretty good!

Make a doggy (or kitty) playdate

If your dog is sociable, make a special trip to the dog park. Or, pack up your pet and head for a friend’s house. Getting your dogs or cats together for an afternoon will give the two of you a chance to catch up, too!

Bring your pet to work

We don’t recommend just showing up with your Goldendoodle without asking ahead of time, but if your office has a bring your pet to work policy, have at it! If it doesn’t…ask your boss. You might be surprised by the answer. (And if it’s not a yes, you can always consider starting a “Pets at Work program” at your workplace,” said Purina. They’ve got a “wealth of resources for both employees and employers who want to experience the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace.”


Not every pet is as lucky as your furry friend, so celebrate Love Your Pet Day by helping other dogs and cats get adopted. You can volunteer your time with adoption services, donate to a local shelter, or sponsor an adoptable animal, which lowers (or eliminates) their adoption fee, making it more likely that they will find a home.

Are you looking for a new home for you and your four-legged family member? We can help!

Our cat-friendly apartment communities include: L’Estancia, The Meadows, Marina Harbor, Rafael Town Center, and West Park Village.

Our pet-friendly apartment communities are: Avanti, Casa Granada, Citron, Esprit Marina del Rey, Granite Point, GreenHouse, Langara, Mariners Village, Mediterranean Village Costa Mesa, Mediterranean Village West Hollywood, Millworks, Mission Hills, Mountain Vista, Northshore, Park Central, Parkwood, Pleasanton Glen, Pleasanton Heights, Pleasanton Place, Rancho Los Feliz, Reflections at the Park, Sunset Barrington Gardens, Theatre Square, Tustin Cottages, Urban Village, Valley Plaza Villages, Vanoni Ranch, Village Pointe, and Villa Vicente.

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