35 Years of Service and Counting, Thank You Esteban for Your Hard Work and Dedication!

December 08, 2016

35 Years of Service and Counting, Thank You Esteban for Your Hard Work and Dedication!

Esteban Santana had just gotten married when he took a job at an apartment community in Marina del Rey managed by E&S Ring Management. The maintenance operations position signaled the beginning of a 35-year chapter of his life that produced two children and a lifetime of memories working for a company that provided his family with a sense of community and stability.

“I feel happy to be working for E&S Ring all of these years,” says Esteban, who migrated to California in 1976 from Guadalajara, Mexico. “The company gives me value and I think I offer value too.”

Since 1959, E&S Ring Management has depended on the loyalty of employees like Esteban. His knowledge and long-term service has made it possible to make good on our mission to give residents positive living experiences. He spent one year in maintenance operations at Mariners Village, before being transferred to Marina Harbor for four years. In 1995, he settled into his current role in the “Rovers” group, which moves from property to property as needed. He has enjoyed the steady work over the years and the bonds between his supervisors and coworkers, whom he describes as “really good people.”

“I feel thankful to not have to worry about the next paycheck,” he says of his time at E&S Ring. “I feel stable at this company. There is always work to be done. I feel I have a good future.”

The future looks especially bright for Esteban’s two children, Josephine, a teacher, and Stevan, a nurse.

Concludes Esteban: “Because I’ve had stable work at E&S Ring, they have the opportunity to have a better future.”

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