2016 Pacific Northwest Holiday Party

December 22, 2016

2016 Pacific Northwest Holiday Party

December magic continues to be in the air at E&S Ring Management! This time, our Pacific Northwest team felt merry and bright during their holiday luncheon at Lucky Strike in Bellevue, Washington. This close-knit group may be small — about 16 people — but they more than made up for their size with their holiday spirit! They simply enjoyed bowling, playing games, eating and being together in the warm indoors.

The holiday luncheons at E&S Ring Management — which take place in each region — are an important tradition for us. We see it as a chance for our employees to gather together and take time to reflect, celebrate and bond as not just coworkers — but as friends — during a special time of year. We fully believe that the warmth of friendship takes the chill from the air, and makes winter a little bit easier to bear...especially for our counterparts up North! Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and an even better new year!

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