20 Years of Dedicated Service and Counting, Thank You LyLy for Your Service!

April 13, 2017

20 Years of Dedicated Service and Counting, Thank You LyLy for Your Service!

Some life transitions are by choice. Others come from natural ends and sometimes there are those that are unwillingly imposed on us. In 1994, the circumstances in LyLy Ruiz’s life converged all at once. She had moved from Laguna Beach to Redondo Beach to help her mother care for her ailing father. After he passed away, she decided to stay close to her family and look for a fresh start. A chance ad for an accounting coordinator position in the Los Angeles Times caught her eye. Her interest piqued, she applied for the job at E&S Ring Management.

“I liked that it was a family-owned company,” recalls LyLy. “At the time, my son was just a year old. During the interview, the company’s executives emphasized flexibility and an emphasis on work-life balance. That was important to me as a young mom.”

Twenty years and three more kids later, LyLy is still with E&S Ring Management. LyLy’s career trajectory took her from a management position in the accounting department to the information systems department, where the company created a new position in 2009 — manager of business information systems. In this role, LyLy manages all of the company’s software systems and integrations, including training coordination.

“It’s not easy for a working woman to raise a family,” says the busy mom of four. “The family culture at E&S Ring Management is very supportive.”

That nurturing culture was recently on display when E&S Ring hosted a luncheon to celebrate LyLy’s 20th anniversary with the company. Her colleagues spoke during the event, expressing their appreciation for their hard-working and dedicated coworker who is best known for her ability to stay calm in tense situations. Perhaps that composure is a result of raising four children, now aged 21, 18, 15 and 3. After the family-oriented atmosphere of E&S Ring, what’s her favorite part of the job?

“Being here so long, I have formed a lot of lifelong friendships,” she reveals, before adding: “I also like the variety. I’m constantly learning something new. Everyday there is something different happening and new challenges to overcome.”

Sometimes life transitions can be difficult, but they can also be pivotal, reshaping the direction of a person’s future for years to come.

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