Meet Edwin Flores: First Recipient of E&S Ring's "Caught in the Act" Program

October 26, 2017

Meet Edwin Flores: First Recipient of E&S Ring's "Caught in the Act" Program

I was walking through the office at Mediterranean Village when my business manager Rebecca McDermott stopped me. “You won,” she said. “I won?” I asked in disbelief.

My expression went from surprise to genuine excitement. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I was the very first winner of the “Caught in the Act” program, a new company-wide initiative that honors employees who go above and beyond their job duties and demonstrate E&S Ring values, such as initiative, integrity, collaboration, humor, flexibility and/or accountability. Because there were so many great people nominated for the first month, I never thought I’d win!

As service manager at Mediterranean Village, I was singled out for helping Eron Soto, the property’s assistant manager on a Saturday — my day off. A prospect had called the emergency line after Eron had gone to lunch, and she was upset that no one was there to assist her with seeing an apartment. I was home that day and got the call. I kept her on the line and tried to calm her down until Eron could come back from lunch. I didn’t want her to leave the property. To me, this was a simple act. I didn’t think it was a big deal.

Still, it’s a good feeling to know that someone is paying attention to the job you are doing. It feels good to be rewarded for something you have done. Caught in the Act is a positive thing. It’s a way for E&S Ring to make us feel good about what we do, and it makes us want to continue to do good for the company. I can’t wait to see who wins next month!

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