Meet Corina Velasquez: Second Recipient of E&S Ring's "Caught in the Act" Program

December 21, 2017

Meet Corina Velasquez: Second Recipient of E&S Ring's "Caught in the Act" Program

I am the Assistant Business Manager at Village Pointe Apartments in Northridge. Life moves fast in our community — but no matter what happens during the day, we work as a team. It’s good to know that I can always count on my colleagues when assistance is needed — whether it’s from my business manager, service manager, portfolio manager, Human Resources, IT department and sister properties. And, I hope they feel the same about me.

That’s why I thought nothing of a request that came from Mark Wagner, our vice president of asset management, one morning. He called me to ask if I could assist with processing rent checks and finalizing deposit accounting at our sister property. He kindly explained the special circumstances and outlined exactly what was needed from me that day. I could not say “no” to him! So I quickly packed up my belongings, and took the hour-long drive to the property. During the time I was there, I found the staff to be friendly and attentive. I helped them, and they helped me too. That evening, I left my job feeling good, knowing that we all support each other.

I had forgotten all about that day until a couple of weeks later when Janie Lazo, my Business Manager, handed me a “Caught in the Act” envelope and said, “Thank you.” I then asked myself, “What did I do?” I almost asked, “For what?” I noticed that “flexibility” was checked off but I opened the envelope without a word. Inside, was a brief description of why I was “Caught in the Act” I kept reading the certificate while doing so it took me back to that day Mark Wagner called me. I had just returned to work after a day off — there was a certificate on my desk, I thought it was a mistake. I examined it closer. It was no joke. Right there, in big cursive writing was my name! “Wow,” I said as I read further and I realized what my prize was and that’s when I got really excited. Who wouldn’t want a day off with pay, right? That morning, I logged onto my computer, and I opened SharePoint. I saw that the “Caught in the Act” winner announcement was available for everyone within the E&S Ring team to see. Congratulatory comments had been posted by my peers. It filled me with so much pride to know that I was being recognized for the job I do. It feels good to receive work recognition and positive feedback, plus it gives me a personal boost of energy!

“Caught In the Act” is a great program. It gives employees the opportunity to be recognized on a monthly basis on multiple occasions and allows employees to easily view all of the winners online. As a company, we make it our goal to always exceed expectation and to go above and beyond. We can embrace this concept and approach each day with enthusiasm. It’s not just about carrying out our duties or completing our daily tasks, but it’s about seeking ways to provide exceptional customer service to everyone we encounter. I am so glad that these small daily successes are being honored. It gives us even more incentive to be a part of the E&S Ring commitment to excellence.

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